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Centralized Waiting List Update

The Massachusetts Centralized Waiting List is updated and purged in order to keep applicant information current and to remove applicants who are no longer interested.

2017 Update Mailing

The Waiting List Update Mailing has been mailed to all applicants that have not made any updates to their application in over two years. Approximately 50,000 applicants received the update mailing which needs to either be mailed back or responded to online by January 31, 2017. A grace period following the deadline will go into effect to allow applicants that have moved time to respond. Soon after all the responses have been sorted, any applicant that did not respond or update their application online will be made inactive on the waiting list.

If you believe you should have received an update mailing but did not, you may fill out an update form. Making a change to/updating an application either by a housing authority or made online by an applicant will be considered a response to the update mailing.

Click here for an Update Form.


There is still time to respond to the 2017 Update Mailing. Please mail back, fax or log in online and view your application to respond to the update. The deadline will be extended until further notice.


You can access and check the status of your application online by logging onto the

If your name has been removed due to no response to a previous update mailing in error, please fill out a 'Request for Reinstatement' form. Be sure to fill out all fields and add any additional information required. 

Please note: The Reinstatement Request Form should be used only by an applicant who was removed from the waiting list by the waiting list administrator due to no response to an update mailing, and believes he/she was removed in error. If your application was removed by a participating housing authority, please contact that housing authority for an appeal.

You can access and check the status of your application online by logging onto the


Please contact a participating housing authority with questions regarding your application.

Call toll-free 1-877-868-0040 for the Centalized Waiting List information line.

The Centralized Waiting List is used by 98 housing authorities in Massachusetts.

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